Seasonal Homeowner Tips for Summer

Summer officially starts Tuesday, June 21 but it feels like it’s already here. It can be a great time to do some simple maintenance and keep your home in great condition. Here are a few straightforward things you can do to maintain your home and yard:

1. Apply mulch

Mulch locks in moisture which is always important during the hotter months and means you have to use less water to keep them alive. Summer is a good time to lay down some mulch that will last throughout the next year.

2. Plant annuals, herbs and summer vegetables

Now is a great time to plant annuals and plenty of vegetables like leafy greens, summer squash and carrots. It’s not too late to get that vegetable garden going! Summer is also a good time to sow herbs like oregano, basil and fennel.

3. Set up a rain barrel

Water conservation is important year-round but it is especially pertinent during the summer months. You can set up a rain barrel to take advantage of water already falling in your yard. They are available in many hardware stores and can help keep your water bill down.

4. Power washing

Summer is the perfect time for power washing driveways, decks and other hard surfaces where dirt and grime have built up over the year. Mist and spray splashing around will even keep you cool as you work.

5. Pruning shrubs

Cut back shrubs that took off during the Spring. However, do not prune flowering shrubs until after they’ve flowered or you might stop them from blooming. These include shrubs like azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias.

6. Get rid of overgrown piles of leaves and scrap wood, organize piles of firewood

These can be havens for rodents and snakes. Make sure to use gloves and a rake. Generally, piles of wood shouldn’t be right up against your house because they can attract termites.

7. Clean out gutters

Every season is gutter cleaning season but it is especially important after Spring. Trees have spread seeds and other plant material which can buildup if left unaddressed. Plus big storms can lead to deluges and further problems when gutters are clogged.

8. Walk around and examine your house

Make sure there’s no rotten wood and repair any damage you find.

9. Get estimates from contractors for any work your considering in the next 6 months

Contractors are currently very backed up, even into Fall and Winter. Now is a good time to get an estimate and plan out any work you want to get done this year.

Enjoy your summer and take care of yourself in the heat!